Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 12, 2009

Cat Fud…

Scottie asked about the photo of my coffee mug and why the cat was looking in the dryer.

I have a attached the image for clarification…


This makes me laugh EVERY time I see it…even after 20 years of seeing it every week.    My wife doesn’t find this funny at all, but my nine year old son has to giggle each time it is in front of him.    No lies…


Funny or not funny?


  1. Hell yeah. Funnay!

  2. Have always thought it’s funny.

  3. I have to admit, I sat here a minute trying to figure out what “FUD” meant … I’m a little slow …

    See…EVERYONE knows that dogs aren’t the best spellers!!!!!!

  4. Gary Larson has always been one of my favorites. there’s a Flickr site where people re-enact his cartoons and some of them are really funny.

    I only looked at one (the cereal one) and cracked up, I am going to save looking at these until I am home tonight…

  5. this is one of my favorite Far Side cartoons and a small “heeee!” escaped my lips when I saw that mug.

    Mine was a gift from my high school newspaper staff in a Christmas gift exchange in 1988.

  6. Mr. Larson is a true genius, but is it funny? Yes. All funny! Anybody who disagrees is wrong.

    I think this comic is much of the inspiration in the whole Chik-fil-A billboard campaign…but that it just me.

  7. Comedy as you know is so subjective. Having said that, hell yeah it’s funny! Though it took me a minute to catch onto “fud.” I’m a big enough person to admit that.

    And we love you for being so honest…you and my wife had the same issue.

  8. Funny. Hubs would find it funnier than I. It’s a man thing.

    Our dog simply pins cat down with his ginormous paws and has a good gnaw. But whatever works.

    It is even funnier when you are sleepy…try reading in in the middle of the night after being stirred by the kids…then it is a riot!!!!

  9. The Far Side is do DIE for! Hilarious!


  10. Very funny.

    My girlfriend hated when I put these two cartoons on the fridge.

    What a lovely smell…I found my dog making some of that scent on my carpet…

  11. yes, funny. maybe not accurate around my house since my cat likes to snuggle with my dogs. they just ignore her or lick her in the face every now and then :)

    Secretly, they want ot put your cat in the dryer…ttust me. They just know they have to get along in order to survive in your house. Dogs aren’t stupid…the cats are!!!!

  12. All of Larson’s stuff is timeless. It will be classic 100 years from now.

    I have to find the rest of my books, my oldest is ready for them now.

  13. Well now that I can read the caption, It’s funny as heck!

    Luuuuvvvvv the far side!

    When that cup gets broken, I will be very upset…

  14. It’s GUD.


  15. Hell yes, it’s funny!


  16. classic larson…it’s HI-larious. my other favorite is the deer “kid” putting his head through a frame so that he looks ‘stuffed and mounted’, waiting for his mom to walk by.

    So my wife is the only one who doesn’t find him funny?

  17. No other cartoons even come a close second to The Far Side. And the best thing about Chik-Fil-A is that cow trying to convince people to eat chicken.

    With all of the misspellings…those billboards make me think of this cartoon…everyone knows that cows spell better than dogs…

  18. aawww shucks–made the mistake of letting the older dawg see this cartoon–found her trying to entice the crazy puppy into our dryer with cheezz–stupid puppy–caught him just in time–otherwise would have had a fluffy puppy

    can’t find these cool mugs around much anymore.

    Household Dog Initiations can be brutal

  19. I love your mug. I am and have always been a Far Side girl. No not far sighted… I mean Gary Larson fan.

    I love the way the dog spelled food.

    …and the dumb cat can’t spell either…he followed!

  20. hahahahaa VERY funny!

  21. I, too, have laughed at this for more than 20 years. Some REAL friends bought us the Far Side collection for a wedding gift. We still read them 22 years later. But do we still have the spice rack??? Nooooooo.

  22. Whenever I write that I need “Cat Food” on my grocery list I spell it “Cat Fud” because of this hilarious old Far Side cartoon. I have een doing so since I saw it in the 1990’s and to this day just the words make me smile.

  23. I was just googling up “cat fud” to explain to a friend why I always spell ‘food’ so strangely and your blog came right up.

    She started doing it and now she’s got her dad typing out ‘fud’ in their emails to each other.

  24. VERY funny, this is my favorite far side, SIDE splitting is more like it. Of course we have the mug-haha.
    “If your mother doesn’t remove the Marlboro from her lips before telling the State Trooper to kiss her ass, You night be a redneck.”
    was another funny-but l’m from Atlanta Jeff Foxworthy territory.

  25. My husband and I have be doing the same thing Gregg does. Always, always, always, cat food on the grocery list is spelled “cat fud.” I’m secretly afraid I’ll drop the list and someone will pick it up, read it, and think I’m mentally challenged.

  26. I have always loved this cartoon, but I had remembered it as “Kat Fud,” which I have been writing on my shopping lists for years and years, just as Kathy has done. I also wrote it that way on the bucket where I store the cat’s kibble, and this morning my son asked me how old I was when I wrote it. I will now “correct” my spelling to be “Cat Fud.”

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